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Meet the leaders of what is the best managed security company.

Business Overview
Sarron was founded in 2004 and now employs a diverse group of people around the world. Learn about the company’s vision, history, interesting facts, and more.

Technology Overview
Sarron';s investments in technology have led to breakthroughs in security and data protection. Learn about our market-leading products, services, and more.

Corporate Responsibility
Sarron's commitment to corporate responsibility stems from our dedication to earning the trust of our customers and our stakeholders. Integrity matters in everything we do, and that includes the policies and practices that guide how we operate in the global marketplace.

Business Development
Sarron continues to be active with acquisitions, alliances, and partnerships. We are always seeking opportunities that are a strategic fit and that fuel growth by addressing customer needs.

Sarron's corporate policies are designed to protect our customers and partners. Learn about our policies for privacy, anti-piracy, anti-spam, legal, and more.

Sarron has security operation centers, development facilities, sales offices, and customer service centers in countries around the world.
Corporate Overview
  Business Overview
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