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As computers and the internet have evolved to be an essential tool for functioning within today’s business structure, the internet is also the biggest security threat your company will face. Without adequate protection, your workforce can be easily disrupted and your success jeopardized, ultimately costing you thousands of dollars.
Spammers and others with malicious intent are getting more creative and sophisticated in delivering their messages, and companies are finding that those unsolicited messages are getting more difficult to prevent
Part of the problem stems from the new tricks used by spammers to fool anti-spam solutions. Many of those tricks are created and enhanced daily, which makes daily updating of anti-spam and anti-virus solutions an ever-increasing requirement. But those updating chores can add to operational costs and chew away at the bottom line.
Although securing your network is critical, you don't always have the time and resources to combat complex internet threats. Sooner or later, if an area of your network is left unprotected, your organization will suffer from at least one of these threats: The answer to that dilemma lies with managed services. By shifting the burden from an installed piece of hardware or software over to a remote system, companies can eliminate most of the overhead associated with anti-spam technology.
  • Spyware which can compromise your security
  • Spam which can carry spyware and malicious code
  • Viruses and Worms that can invade your network
  • Loss of confidential information through e-mail and IM
  • Pornography being viewed or circulated among employees
  • Regulation of downloadable media, recreational surfing, instant messaging, and internet gaming means a more productive network and staff.

Sarron Security Products, stop internet threats cold. Our products were designed to:

  • Provide Unified layers of threat protection
  • Be easily implemented as they are managed services
  • Administered virtually "hands-free"
  • Be an affordably-priced solutions for network security
Product Categories
Managed email security service offering protection against email threats using proven spam filters, anti-virus engines, fraud protection, content filtering, and email attack protection.
An easy and effective solution for businesses that are required to monitor, store and retrieve company email messages in order to comply with electronic security regulations.
Secure PCI/DSS certified environment
Software Development
Complete software development from ecommerce websites to full enterprise software programs
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