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Cleans E-mail Of 99.9% Of All Spam, Virus, And Malicious Code

Built on award-winning technology, Sarron Mail is the first and most important step in keeping your PC clean and working.

The solution achieves high detection rates of 99.95% and the industry’s highest accuracy rate against false positives (99.9999%)*, allowing users to safely delete unwanted mail without review. The multi-layered spam prevention solution leverages over 32 filtering technologies – including reputation filtering (Trojan sources, volume spam sources, safe sources), URL filters (fraud, email, HTTP, adult), heuristics (header analysis, foreign language, content analysis, structural analysis), signatures (body hash, attachment), and custom filters (accept list, reject list, custom rules) – to catch most spam. Organizations can tailor spam-catching effectiveness and accuracy levels with adjustable thresholds and block foreign language spam with the help of intelligent language filters. By using Outbound email filtering organizations to scan outbound messages for viruses and apply content policies, protecting both customers and partners and ensuring that corporate policies regarding appropriate use are observed and prevents confidential or sensitive data from leaving the enterprise network and entering the hands of competitors

No new software or hardware is required, and the service is effective immediately upon activation within Sarron, requiring no additional IT administration or tuning once deployed.

Sarron Mail offers:

  • Subscription service providing best-of-breed spam prevention
  • Offers a spam detection rate of 99.95% and the highest accuracy rate against false positives (99.9999%)
  • No new software or hardware is required, and the service requires no additional IT administration or tuning once deployed
  • Stops spam attacks in real time without compromising accuracy and effectiveness
  • Multiple techniques employed to fight spam, offering protection from polymorphic spam attacks over 32 different filtering technologies, including spam signatures, heuristics, reputation filters, language identification, and many proprietary methods
  • Real-time spam detection, with automatic rule updates leverages findings from seeing more spam attacks and filtering more spam messages than anyone else
  • No need to tune your anti-spam filters as spam attacks evolve
  • Eliminates the need for client-side filters and rules
  • End-user list manipulation web interface
  • Personal SPAM detection level settings
  • Scans RAR, Zip, Gzip, and Bzip2 files
  • Works with Outlook or Thunderbird mail clients
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$25.00 per year
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