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Sarron Mail Service
Subscription Service
Sarron Mail removes Unwanted Mail, Viruses, Worms, Spyware, and Phishing attempts before even getting to your computer to make your online communications safer and more enjoyable. Anti-virus protection blocks sophisticated worms, viruses, and Trojan horses (such as Blaster and Sasser) before they enter your computer without interrupting your work. To utilize this service a customer does not have to buy or install software on any servers, desktops or laptop PCs. Sarron Mail is a simple subscription service, all email (in and outbound) is handled by Sarron and passes through the Mail filter engine(s) before it reaches its destination.

Key Features Benefits
  • End-user controlled Spam Filter policies including phrase and keyword lists, accepted and reject lists for domains, addresses, and IP's
  • Easy User interface
  • Web reporting tools provide real-time information on what is really happening with your email.
  • Access email from anywhere with free Web mail box
  • Highly efficient Spam artificial learning that learns what you think is Spam quickly and efficiently without complicated decision making.
  • Automatically Blocks viruses, worms and Trojan horses attacks
  • Detects virus infections in compressed file archives
  • Defends against Spyware and other emerging threats
  • Sender notified of Blocked mail and reason
  • No software to install causing Operating System conflict
  • No mail Quarantine or junk file to look through.
  • Provides accurate, safe and customizable spam filtering for standard POP3 and IMAP e-mail clients
  • Helps protect against Internet scams or identity theft resulting from fraudulent e-mail
  • Helps protect users and their children from unwanted sexually explicit e-mail content
  • Blocks Internet worms like "Blaster" at multiple points of entry
  • Provides more proactive protection with the integrated ease-of-use design
  • Mail filtered in the cloud fear of harmful messages getting to your PC
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$25.00 per year
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